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You become an Instant Expert. Category: iGuide.net Page #711016 Single Blade Copperlock Pocket Knife. Real Looker: Using AUS-8 steel for the construction, the Twitch II is the sequel that … For a large segment of the EDC community, only knives derived from the traditional forms fit the bill. Check Out Our Limited Edition AAPK Brand Knives. Benchmade makes knives that are ideal for outdoor activities from camping to backpacking as well as every day carry. GoldFishCrafts. He had a case of many many old knives. Although they now make stainless blades, I prefer the traditional carbon blade, which sharpens to a razor edge in seconds. Later in my boyhood, the Swiss Army knife became popular, and despite the fact that the stainless steel blade never took an edge terribly well, the corkscrew did come in handy later in college. Pocket knives were some of the first mass-produced items, and popular folders known as peasant knives or penny knives came out of the legendary cutlery cities of Sheffield England and Damascus in Syria as far back as the 1500s. Ka-Bar is known to be a high-quality knife maker. Columbia River Knife & Tool, A.K.A. Beretta U.S.A. From a handbag to survival-bugout-bag: you will find them everywhere. Pocket Knife Designs-Styles-Shapes Popular Pocketknife Designs. Yup. Single Blade Maverick Pocket Knife… Made in Norway. With iGuide, you buy smarter and sell smarter. Originally known as the Case Brothers Cutlery Company, this brand got their start selling knives out of the back of a wagon in western New York way back in 1889. This knife to my mind is the perfect size to ride in your pocket all day un-noticed but large enough to do real work. The simple, sturdy cheap Barlow was carried by George Washington and made legendary by Mark Twain, who wrote about the Barlow in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: “Mary gave him a bran-new “Barlow” knife worth twelve and a half cents; and the convulsion of delight that swept his system shook him to his foundations. Filed Under: DIY Discussion, Resources, Tools Tagged With: pocket knife. You run into these legendary Swiss pocket knives no matter where you are. Here are the few key points: The Benchmade brand is an extremely popular knife brand started in 1988 from a shop in California. But be careful… pocket knife collecting can get addictive! Besides, the company differentiates itself by creating its line of Gold Class knives. Learn when common knife makers began selling knives and when they closed shop. Engineering miracles, they are. Spyderco Pacific Salt Black FRN H-1. Knives. It’s probably a WWII veteran, and features one carbon steel knife blade and one screwdriver/wire-stripper blade. Often price guides educate you on … Virtually unchanged since the factory opened in 1890, this is one of those designs that simply needs no improvement. I don’t really go for the tactical folder with the thumb stud or the pocket clip. Kizer Knives is proud to be one of … One of my favorite sections of my Price Guide to Collector Knives is the 33 pages titled "Knife Brands of the World." KA-BAR makes knives for hunting, utility, sporting, and survival. No pocket knife list is complete without a Victorinox knife. This makes them a little different in our eyes, and we respect that. The high quality of SOG’s knives makes them great hunting knives, camping knives, and combat knives so whether you are batoning wood, developing a campfire, or defending yourself, SOG has a knife for you. This is another Spyderco knife on the list. Now, not all their knives are made in the USA. vintage hammer brand pocket knife cherry bone handle patent # 2281782. on the handle it just has the old timer brass plate. Kershaw knives are affordable and engaging with the vast collection of styles. ... [Bot], mcrunkin, New_Windsor_NY, Old … The ZT brand first made its appearance in 2006 to meet the needs of professionals in the military and law enforcement, as well as other first responders, such as firefighters and emergency medical personnel. Gerber Multitool? Mine stands out as it has no markings on the blade. But what is the one tool that I go for most often? Most of the big pocket knife brands originally had their manufacturing headquarters in the USA. Many SOG knives are field proven by the likes of law enforcement, US Special Forces, Navy SEALs, and military. One thing I really appreciate about the knife company is the altogether variety of products they offer. vintage Hen & Rooster Bertram Cutlery Stag Trapper pocket knife $ 115.00 Camillus Cut Co WWII TL-29 pocket knife 4 Line stamp $ 50.00 c. 1950's Imperial Mini-Easy Opener pocket knife $ 20.00 It has a dark brown bakelite handle, a brass locking mechanism for the screwdriver blade and a shackle, to which I added a lanyard made from a braided bootlace. Mad Dog Knives; Marble Arms; Masahiro Katana; Medford Knife and Tool; Microtech Knives; Morseth; Muela (knife manufacturer) Murphy Knives; Museum Replicas Ltd ... or snap up one of the more modern Buck pieces for a new twist by an old favorite. Doing a little research on the history of the pocket knife, it would appear that the pocket knife actually probably predated the pocket, and they possibly even predate pants, ironically enough! You’re right. Beeman. Black Tanto EDC Knife, SOG AE02-CP Aegis 3.5 in Tactical Folding Knife. Kershaw is a well-known knife manufacturer that designs pocket knives, sporting knives under every budget. While it’s certainly a bit of a stretch to say that any fixed blade fits … See more ideas about vintage pocket knives, knife, pocket knife. But folding knives predate the blades made by either of these venerable companies. Boker Tree brand 3 blade also a favorite. Knife Informer makes money through affiliate partner links: If you click on a link, we may earn a commission. However, this should not be regarded as a drop in their standards as production quality remains extremely high at their state of the art facilities in these countries. Besides, the knife maker also makes cases, machetes, pepper spray, baseball bats, swords, clubs, hatchets, and all manner of edged weapons. A knife (plural knives; from Old Norse knifr, "knife, dirk") is a tool with a cutting edge or blade often attached to a handle or hilt.One of the earliest tools used by humanity, knives appeared at least two-and-a-half million years ago, as evidenced by the Oldowan tools. A pocket knife is a general term that encompasses a whole host of tools. The following pocket knife brands only make their knives … I love to pick them up at flea markets or thrift stores, and they are usually cheap. The blade etching... Get Details. Their knives are robust, reliable, and perfect fit for hard use, and have withstood the test of time. Pocket Knives Price Guide. And not some fancy-pants Swiss Army knife with a million gizmos. Kizer Cutlery is known for producing high-end designs with high performance blade steels in collaboration with custom knife makers. View All. Click Here To See The Comments Find your match from the best survival knife brands for the perfect blade you can depend your life on. We all remember our first folding knife or pocket knife, whether it was a Swiss Army multi-purpose monster, complete with toothpick and tweezers, or a slender single-blade antler-handled Case. It has a conventionally shaped 10 … Got one of those tactical knives as a gift, sits in a drawer, to big, to heavy, to limited and probably illegal in some way. Many well-known names in the knife industry have or are engaged in ongoing collaborations. Kershaw knives have shown up in celebrity hands-on television and movies, ranging from Desperate Housewives to Driven to Kill.

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